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First Dewy Days of September!

September 27, 2018
Play Pants - Rainy Dayz of Oregon

Well it is now September and even though the sun is still shining in the sky, the first dew is falling on the grass at my house! The kids are now dressed in their Rainy Dayz of Oregon Play Pants in the mornings to keep them clean and dry when they go out to play in the grass. As a provider, it is such a relief to be able to let the kids go outside mornings and afternoons without worrying about wet and muddy clothes when they come in, because having to change them more than once a day was simply out of the question!

​So now, with their Rainy Dayz play pants on, they can go outside more often and in less than ideal weather which is common in the Pacific Northwest! Happy childcare provider = happy kids!

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