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Fun Facts: Why Outdoor Play Matters!

September 27, 2018
Rain Gear by Rainy Dayz of Oregon

Have you ever wondered how much the times have changed? When you were a kid, most of your time was spent playing outside. But in this generation, the lure of technology often prevails, and our children miss out on the outdoor play that is an imperative part of their development! Just how bad are things? Read the following statistics from and think twice about how much time your children, students, and daycare kiddos spend indoors!

  • Surveyed adults stated that they spent more than 40% of their playtime outdoors. Today, children spend less than 10% of their free time outside!
  • Today, children spend an average of 5½ hours per day watching TV – 1 in 10 of these children watch more than four hours of TV each day!
  • Parents who responded to this survey indicated that 28% of children have no access to outdoor play at all.
  • Sixteen percent of children will use the park when the sun is out, but during the winter months, 44% of children don’t play outside at all.
  • Because they lack access to outdoor play and exercise, 28% of boys and 37% of girls are in the obese or overweight category while in grade school.

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