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Customer Testimonials

Want more proof that Rainy Dayz of Oregon products are simply the best? Read below to see what customers have to say. Have a Testimonial to Share? Let us know!

“I think Rainy Dayz Play Pants are a must have for child care programs and parents. Research shows that kids learn through messy, hands-on, active play. The problem is that clean up is usually a huge pain for the adults involved. Rainy Dayz Play Pants cut down on cleanup time and make messy play easier; Which means more messy play and more active learning.” ~ Jeff A Johnson (Play Advocate, Speaker, and author of Do-It-Yourself Early Learning and Everyday Early Learning –

“These pants are a blessing! No more changing clothes every time we come back inside. Kids do a great job putting them on with little or no help. The different colors are a plus too since the children can identify their own color and we remember which ones belong to each child better as well. They roll up and stay up for adjusting length if needed. Our job has been made easier-what every provider needs a little of!” ~ Cheri Vawter (“Together We Grow” Preschool/Daycare Tigard, OR)

“My boys love these pants! They can play outside and get wet and dirty and just pull their Rainy Dayz pants off when they come in and WOW! They are clean underneath! These pants are amazing!” ~ Melonie Van Cleave (Mother in OR)

“Our walks to the park are now rain or shine. It was a surprise to my 3 year old that she could feel the cold but not wet with her Rainy Dayz pants on. She was happy knowing that she didn’t have to be uncomfortable anymore when it is wet outside. Now we go to the park and still have fun even if it is wet! My babies are able to crawl around and explore outside now in their pants as well. Their clothes stay clean and they don’t mind that they are on the ground because they are not getting wet anymore. I have even used Rainy Dayz pants to go for walks when it is snowing. Their legs stayed dry and they could even touch the snowflakes that landed on their pants! It was a wonderful experience to watch as they wondered what was happening to them!” ~ Jeanie Owens (“A Place with Teacher Jeanie” Preschool/Daycare OR)

“My niece loves to wear her Rainy Dayz play pants to go fishing, hiking, crabbing etc… She sometimes just goes and sits on the ground to show us that she stays dry! She loves them.”~ Audra Ashcroft (Childhood Education & Family Studies Assistant CARE Connections Resource & Referral Southwestern Oregon Community College Coos Bay, OR)

“As a mother and childcare provider I recommend Rainy Dayz pants to anyone with children or anyone that cares for children. Rain or shine, these are the perfect outdoor pants for children. These pants keep children clean and dry from water, snow, dirt, grass stains, mud and sand! My kids never go outside without them on.” ~ Brandelynn Felina (Mother/childcare provider in Philomath, OR)

“These pants are the best piece of clothing my son owns! We’ve played in the snow and at the park after it had rained and he was able to stay totally dry. We used to only be able to play outside for a very short time before he’d be too wet and cold, and now we get to play as long as we want to. I tell every mother I know about these pants because they are so great! Every parent should own a pair for their child!” ~ Josie Corliss (Mother in OR)

“Just wanted to let you know how great the Rainy Dayz pants are! I saw them being used at a daycare home with great success. The variety of colors makes for easy identification for the children to tell whose is whose. So… I got a pair and tried them out on my grandson this winter. They made for quick and easy clean up coming in from a wet and often muddy backyard. They were such a success that I’ll be back for another pair for him to take home!”~ Jackie Johnston (Child Care Food Program Coordinator in Eugene, OR)

“Why did it take me so long to try these? My children stay drier and warmer! My children play in them daily and they play HARD! We love them.” ~ Joy Aronson (“Joyful Learning” Preschool in Portland, OR)

“We went to the pumpkin patch in the pouring rain. We sat on wet bales of hay and even walked through a corn maze. Between rain coats, rubber boots and Rainy Dayz play pants, EVERY child stayed warm and dry. We love them!” ~ Shelly Campbell (“Shelly’s Kids” Daycare in Keizer, OR)

“I love these pants- they keep my boys dry and are super easy to put on and take off! I especially like all the fun colors! Maybe someday you will make them in adult sizes too!” ~ Gail Nelson (Mother in OR)

“Rainy Dayz pants are a godsend! Children can go outdoors in Oregon weather on any given day-stay dry and have fun!! The pants are easy to put on and very comfortable. Rainy Dayz pants keep children dry in even the dampest weather conditions. As a former childcare provider and a grandmother, I would not be without a pair of Rainy Dayz play pants for every child in my care!” ~ Alice Lyman (Child Care Provider of 16 years, Linn-Benton Community College Instructor, Head Start Teacher, Preschool, Director, Grandmother, Corvallis, OR)

“You have a great product here! We went to the park after it had rained for several days and my 3 year old son was still able to play on all the slides and toys with his Rainy Dayz pants on. He ran across the grass, fell down many times and kept on going! No muddy knees and he stayed dry! These pants are awesome! They work wonderful at the beach too!” ~ Dawna Griffin (Mother in OR)

“Rainy Dayz Pull-Over Play Pants are wonderful for babies and toddlers! Toddlers need Rainy Dayz pants because they sit down a lot in the wet grass. I wouldn’t take the little ones outside without their Rainy Dayz pant on over their clothes on wet days. They are truly the next best thing since rubber boots for wet outdoor play!” ~ Marcella Knight (“Babes with Blankets” Infant Home Child Care in Corvallis, OR)

“Rainy Dayz pants are a big asset to my program. The kids are always asking to go outside with the Rainy Dayz pants on. They are great to have on the kids knowing that they can play and not get wet or muddy. Parents love them because they save on children’s clothes too! I love them and so do my daycare kids!” ~ Laurie Jackson (“Li’l Half Pints Preschool” in Portland, OR)

“Rainy Dayz pants are fantastic! A MUST for any parent that lives in the NW! They are easy to use and to clean. Just wipe them off with a wet rag! My kids love to go outside even when it is wet and muddy and Rainy Dayz gives them the ability to play without getting soaked. I recommend them to any parent! They work great!” ~ Leah Jorgensen (Mother in OR)

“I can’t say enough about Rainy Dayz play pants! They are lightweight yet sturdy and they go wherever my children go! My 8 year old can pull them out of her back pack at school and wear them over her clothes during wet recesses and I always keep a pair in my bag for my 3 year old so I have them regardless of the weather! I highly recommend these colorful, affordable and very practical rain pants for your child!” ~ Tatiana Dierwechter (Mother in OR)

“I would love to comment on Rainy Dayz pants since they are a wonderful product! We use them clamming out on Oregon’s rainy coast and our 2 year old has never been dryer. They are durable and do not slip down while he plays around as other rain pants have done. They are also light and easy to remove without him getting all messy after beach play. In Oregon, these pants are a must for children. Wonderful design and well worth the affordable price! You won’t be disappointed!” ~ Melanie Juenke (Mother in OR)

“Rainy Dayz pants are perfect for camping!! I’m excited to use them this coming fall for AYSO soccer. We have several children who play soccer (often in the rain!) and Rainy Dayz will be perfect to throw on my toddler to keep her dry!” ~ Denise Derrick (Mother in OR)

“Your customer service warmed my heart!! It felt so good to feel cared for right when we were dealing with an international move and tons of stress. Now to the pants. We got to use them because of Hurricane Sandy, and they are good pants! We’re used to the more hardy kinds we use in Norway, but of course the weather there is much rougher. These are comfortable and easy to wear, and Aidan liked wearing them. They wouldn’t hold up for the kind of use we needed rain pants for in Oslo, but for the occasional rainy day they are great. Thanks again!” ~ Sarah Cecilie Finkelstein Waters (Mother in Long Island, NY)

“I am so excited to have discovered these pants! My daughter recently started her outdoor preschool and will be outside rain or shine, everyday. Here in southeast Tennessee, we have a little bit of year round rain. These pants are bright and colorful, lightweight and durable and super easy to get on and off. Gone are the days of worrying about mud! It just wipes right off of these pants with a cloth! My daughter is thrilled because now there is nothing to stop her from having the playground all to herself in the rain! And Rainy Dayz customer service was far above board.I cant say enough about what a good purchasing experience I’ve had! I’ll be recommending them to every parent of young children that I know!” ~ Lexi Finkle
(Social worker, mother Tennessee)

“We found Rainy Dayz online a couple of years ago. We placed a big order last year (2014) and are just replenishing our supply for this year (2015). We are a certified family childcare and we use the rain pants every day throughout the wet Oregon seasons. We LOVE them!” ~ Ami Russell (Certified Family Childcare Provider, “Sweet Peas School” OR)

“Thank you so much! We are enjoying the new play clothes so much. They are GREAT! This 2nd order is for the rest of the kids in my class. We are so excited that now everyone will have a set!”~ Jags Little Cub House (Hendersonville, TN)

“Just got my kids some Rainy Dayz Slip-Over Coats. They love all the bright colors. Wonderful product for playing outside!”~ Roberta Robinson (Family Childcare provider, OR)

“I had been purchasing rain pants made by Rainy Dayz of Oregon for 4 years at a local kid shop in Corvallis. We no longer live in Corvallis, and I’ve been searching the Portland Metro area for good quality, cost effective rain pants for 2 kids and just could not find anything! I came across the Rainy Dayz of Oregon website and bought 2 pair! They are very reasonably priced, come in a wide variety of colors and we put the pants to the test this past week in our big down pours. They really do help keep kids dry when they are out playing in the puddles! In a pinch we used them for snow last winter! Most daycare’s require rain pants and these are so reasonably priced that you can leave one at daycare and keep another for home. They run a little big, but that’s ok, we will get more use out of them that way! Rainy Dayz of Oregon is definitely my “go to” place for rain gear!”~ Amanda Sapp (Repeat customer and mother of 2, Portland OR)
“​Thank you so much! I purchased 2 pair at our PRO Conference in Portland OR just to try out on my preschoolers. The kids LOVE them and I do too! We go outside everyday rain or shine, hot or cold. I have 14 children and these pants will save us time changing wet clothes as often…And the children look so cute in their school colors of green and purple when we go out on walkabouts! I will definitely spread the word to other providers about your product! I really appreciate the 20% discount! Thank you very much”~ Heather Allen (Heather’s Place Preschool, McMinnville, OR)

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