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Getting Ready for School!

September 27, 2018
Rain Gear by Rainy Dayz of Oregon

It will be September soon and that means, rain or shine, millions of children all over the globe will be returning to school. With backpacks full of school supplies and paper bag lunches, they will spend each 8-10 hour day in some type of school facility for the next 9 months or more!

Even though, for some of us, the rainy season will be here as well, schools and daycare centers are coming to the realization that to help children grow into healthy adults, all children need much, much more outdoor time to run and play. They need to learn the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic of course, but they also need a lot more time for outdoor free play. Not only is this beneficial to children’s growing bodies, but it is mandatory for their developing brain.

But outdoor play in the rain is so messy and children usually come back to class with wet, muddy clothes! Needless to say, this is a  problem for most teachers that have the responsibility of so many kids in a classroom environment.

That is why Rainy Dayz of Oregon Pull-Over Play Pants are perfect for school! They protect children’s clothes and eliminate the mess that teachers deal with when kids play outside during the rainy season! And these protective clothes are so lightweight and easy to pull on and off!

They are PLAY CLOTHES! Designed specifically to keep kids clothes clean and dry. For the sake of all children in school, Rainy Dayz of Oregon Pull-Over Play Pants should be on every parents school supply list!

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