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Slip-Over Coats



Coats that cover children’s existing shirts, sweatshirts, or lightweight jackets to protect them from rain and dirt while they play.

Easy for children to pull on and off themselves. Functional and have no pockets, snaps or unnecessary decorations. Rainy Dayz “Slip-Over” Coats are comfortable yet flexible for playing in. Perfect for daycare of preschool and to pack along for camping, to sporting events and outdoor activities where wet weather can be expected. They are phenomenal for biking! These coats come in many colors and in child sizes small, medium, and large. See Gallery for more images of “Slip-Over” Coats!

*Please note: These “Slip-Over” coats do not have hoods

*FREE SHIPPING-When ordering, please allow a minimum of 1 week for shipping and handling

Shipping Policy

FREE SHIPPING – When ordering, please allow a minimum of 1 week for shipping and handling. Feel free to contact us for inquiries.

Return Policy

Rainy Dayz of Oregon will replace or refund per customers wishes up to 30 days after purchase. Customer will be responsible for cost of returned items.

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