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The Importance of Thankfulness

September 27, 2018
Rain Gear by Rainy Dayz of Oregon


Thanksgiving is a time for reflection; a time to revisit the many reasons we are grateful for our lives and the many things, ideas, events, and people that pass through them.

What is thankfulness, and why is it so important?

Being thankful is the experience of a feeling that inspires us to appreciate everything and everyone in our lives, rather than taking them for granted. Gratitude means examining your life from the perspective of what you have, rather than what you have not.

There’s a reason why thankfulness should be practiced daily, instead of just on Thanksgiving: according to researchers at University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, people who practice gratitude and being thankful regularly are better people. They feel better about their lives, better about their relationships with others, and they also just physically feel better.

What are we thankful for?

At Rainy Dayz of Oregon, we’re thankful to God for many things! Here are a few of the items on the list of things we’re very thankful for:

  • Piles and piles of dirty fall leaves that little kids get to jump in with their Rainy Dayz Pull-Over Pants on!
  • Days that are filled with intermittent rain showers.
  • Bright, sunny fall days when the grass and all of the toys at the park are covered in a thick layer of dew!
  • Unexpected snowfall.
  • Wet, muddy trips to the pumpkin patch!
  • Fall yard and garden clean-up!

And, most importantly, we are thankful that our good old faithful rubber boots need a partner!

What are YOU thankful for?

Fun Facts: Why Outdoor Play Matters!

Rain Gear by Rainy Dayz of Oregon

Have you ever wondered how much the times have changed? When you were a kid, most of your time was spent playing outside. But in this generation, the lure of technology often prevails, and our children miss out on the outdoor play that is an imperative part of their development! Just how bad are things? Read the following statistics from and think twice about how much time your children, students, and daycare kiddos spend indoors!

  • Surveyed adults stated that they spent more than 40% of their playtime outdoors. Today, children spend less than 10% of their free time outside!
  • Today, children spend an average of 5½ hours per day watching TV – 1 in 10 of these children watch more than four hours of TV each day!
  • Parents who responded to this survey indicated that 28% of children have no access to outdoor play at all.
  • Sixteen percent of children will use the park when the sun is out, but during the winter months, 44% of children don’t play outside at all.
  • Because they lack access to outdoor play and exercise, 28% of boys and 37% of girls are in the obese or overweight category while in grade school.

Don’t deprive your children of outdoor play. Rainy Dayz of Oregon has a solution! Try our play clothes and give your kiddos the freedom to play outside despite the weather. Look at our products today!

How can you use your Rainy Dayz play clothes?

September 23, 2013

Let us count the ways! Our durable, water-resistant pants, coats, ponchos, and capes aren’t just for the rain. Hand-crafted with messy play in mind, Rainy Dayz play clothes are ideal for protecting clean clothes from becoming wet, stained, or soiled. These play clothes slip-on easily over everyday clothing, relieving teachers, childcare providers, and parents alike of the clean-up following messy outdoor (and even indoor) activities! Having trouble thinking outside the box? Here are a few ways your Rainy Dayz play clothes can be used:

  • When drawing outside with chalk, Rainy Dayz play pants and coats do an excellent job of keeping kiddos’ outfits chalk dust-free!
  • Our Rainy Dayz “Adventure” Capes make fantastic and affordable dress-up accessories! Aspiring chefs can use them as aprons while baking mud pies.
  • Super Heroes-in-training can practice their flight patterns wearing our capes, while the princes and princesses practice their bows.
  • Taking a field trip to the beach? Keep sand off clean clothes by dressing the little ones in our play clothes! Rainy Dayz Play Pants especially come in handy when it comes to soggy sand boxes.
  • On snow days, in leaf piles, for youth sports, camping, and walks in the rain!
  • Green stains can be a pain! Rainy Dayz Play Pants protect knees and elbows from rough-and-tumble grass play.
  • If the kids are desperate to go outside even though it’s raining, Rainy Dayz of Oregon water-resistant play clothes will prevent outfits from getting drenched.

As you can see, the possibilities for our pants, coats, capes, and ponchos are extensive – and if you think outside the box, they are endless! Please consider using Rainy Dayz play clothes to keep your children dry and clean. Contact us at (888) 303-6359 for more information!

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