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Spending Time in Oregon’s Garden…

September 27, 2018

One of my very favorite places to visit in the summertime (in our beautiful state of Oregon) are the rolling acres that belong to The Oregon Garden. Close to the city of Silverton Oregon, The Oregon Garden is such a beautiful and peaceful place that I want to walk for hours and hours among the twittering of the birds and buzzing of the bees that live within the millions of blooms that line The Garden’s paths. Filled with such diversity of plants, animals and insects, The Oregon Garden is home to so many species of Dragon Flies, that seem as if they will collide as they dive bomb each other over the greenish waters of the Garden’s ponds. The bulging eyes of bullfrogs slowly blink as they watch the show from the murky water. The Dragon and Damsel flies dart around over their heads, vying for the best place to land so they can just sit for awhile and show off the glistening colors of their spectacular wings.

As you walk through the maze-like walkways through the different plant habitats, stay quiet and listen to the whispering of the giant, ancient Oak trees as they talk to each other in the hot summer breeze. Monarch and Western Tiger Butterflies flutter in and out of the native Showy Milkweed plants and stop to drink nectar out of the sticky pink blossoms. This place is magical to me in the summer especially, filled with a quiet splendor and the brilliant showcase of nature. Just as a garden should!

On May 12, 2018, The Oregon Garden will have their Spring time “Digging in the Dirt” event. Come and bring the kids and spend the day helping to plant the annuals that will brighten the Garden throughout the hot days of summer.

These happy annuals bring food to the thousands of bumble and honey bees that visit this very peaceful and special place. It rains in Oregon a lot and that is why The Oregon Garden is so beautiful all year long! So go take a kid along and have fun digging in the dirt! But in case it rains…Don’t forget to throw in the Rainy Dayz of Oregon Pull-Over Play Clothes!

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